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What We Offer

WarehouseVisionTM powered by Bar Code Integrators, Inc. (BCI) is a warehouse slotting software expertly designed to meet your operational requirements. By optimizing product placement and space utilization, warehouse capacity can be improved by up to 40%.

Our Services

Warehouse Rack Configuration and Product SKU Placement

Develop an effective slotting strategy
with ease.

Warehouse Slotting Analysis

Take a look at your current warehouse slotting strategies and make the
necessary improvements.

Warehouse Auditing Automation

Evaluate the effectiveness of implemented warehouse processes.

The WarehouseVisionTM Advantage

Our powerful warehouse slotting tool can be used in conjunction with any warehouse management system (WMS). Using our software alongside a WMS, you can accomplish a vast array of objectives, including:

  • Increase Picking Productivity
  • Reduce Replenishment Cycle Times
  • Maximize Storage Capacity
  • Improve Employee Safety Standards
  • Minimize Operational Costs
  • Enhance Customer Service

Improving Operational Efficiency and Reducing Costs Through Slotting

As the cost to build new facilities rises, there is growing pressure on warehouse operations to efficiently manage ever-growing inventories with proper slotting. Studies show that warehouse capacity can be improved by up to 40% when using proper warehouse slotting optimization tools and techniques.

To help you achieve your goals, BCI developed WarehouseVisionTM — a powerful warehouse slotting software tool. It optimizes product placement in warehouses and distribution centers to improve operational efficiency and productivity. Additionally, using WarehouseVisionTM can also improve employee safety as space utilization significantly.

WarehouseVisionTM is a warehouse slotting software unlike any other. It is an integrated set of warehouse optimization and management tools that can be interfaced with virtually any warehouse management system (WMS).

While WMS can orchestrate inbound and outbound operations, they have very limited capabilities in the planning or management of a facility’s space utilization. WarehouseVisionTM bridges that gap between existing WMS capabilities and optimal warehouse operations management.

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