Leading-Edge Warehouse Slotting and Optimization Services

WarehouseVisionTM is a product developed by Bar Code Integrators, Inc. (BCI) in an effort to assist clients in managing their warehouse and distribution centers operations. It can be installed as a complete software package or utilize it on an individual, basic slotting project.

The three most common services WarehouseVisionTM provides:

Warehouse Rack Configuration and Product SKU Placement

Using the WV Planner module to assist you in accomplishing your goals, we will help you:

  • Define the data requirements for the initial development of a slotting strategy
  • Create an action plan for new modules for your warehouse
  • Configure and process data thru WV Planner to determine optimal options for the rack configuration and SKU placement of the warehouse
  • Access and review recommendations and expected impact on operational productivity

Warehouse Slotting Analysis

After developing strategies using the WV Planner, we will assist you by:

  • Assessing current slotting allocation and strategies
  • Reviewing the current effect of slotting on warehouse operations
  • Determining desirable slotting strategy options
  • Configuring the acceptable slotting strategy into the WV Auditor module
  • Providing you with data analysis and reporting to effectively implement strategies

Warehouse Auditing Automation

Upon completing the configuration of your slotting strategy, we will create WV Auditor procedures in order to provide you with a continual review of the slotting strategy and productivity goals. We will also make sure that changes can be made to the software as needed. Our team creates auditing procedures for various processes, such as:

Project Implementation
  • Creating reports and/or labels as required for the product alignment into the new area
  • Generating project progress reports
Interface With the Host ERP/WMS System

We can configure WV Auditor to receive/export information via flat files (.txt).


BCI Consulting Services can tweak the WV Auditor to provide user-selected maintenance tasks via printed worksheets. We can also help you configure dashboard charts.