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Graphical Warehouse Modeling Tool for Slotting Strategies

WV Simulation is a unique graphical warehouse modeling software that you can use to run a simulation to test the efficiency and flow of a slotting strategy. This module makes it easy to identify potential bottlenecks in certain flows of picking/putaway operations in relation to a specific warehouse slotting strategy.


The use of proper warehouse simulation software can ensure that the best slotting strategy is in place in order to maximize the productivity of the warehouse operations. This is where WV Simulation excels—it gives you access to high-precision warehouse modeling capabilities. As a result, you can identify slotting strategies that will prevent time and resources from being wasted.

WV Simulation Features

  • Stock Display: Graphic display of stock levels and placement for a given warehouse
  • Picking Flow: Graphic display of the picking flow through
    the warehouse
  • Putaway Flow: Graphic display of the putaway flow through the warehouse
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